Milk… and Much More

We provide breakfast (the main part of which is a glass of milk) to about 80 children in the poor, rural villages of Tololo and La Leona, Nicaragua every morning. The program has been in operation over 20 years and blessed hundreds of children (see our history for more details). Besides breakfast, every other week the children attend a special breakfast in a shelter we built where they learn about the love of Jesus in Bible classes. Since Psalm 128 Missions exists to bless families, we also include the parents of the children by providing biblical parenting and marriage classes. Sign up today to sponsor a child in our program for only $20 per month!

Christmas Gift and Party

Every Christmas, the children are blessed with a party and they receive gifts. For many of them, these will be the only Christmas gifts they receive. Their parents are simply too poor to provide anything more than the basic necessities… and many can’t even do that. Sponsoring one of these children not only fills their stomach every morning, it also fills their heart. Everyone needs to know they are loved! You can show a Nicaraguan child love today by signing up as a sponsor.

Help with School

Recognizing that some of our children struggle with their studies, we also offer a program that helps them catch up on the basics that they may have missed. In this way we help these children to have a better hope for the future through education. Children that were at risk to quit school may be encouraged to keep going and even receive a college education one day! Many children are still in need of a sponsor.