Why Do We Do It?

The driving force behind all activities of Psalm 128 Missions is a desire to share the Gospel (good news) of Jesus Christ as expressed in the Bible. The Bible is clear that sharing the Gospel involves evangelism and teaching as well as the meeting of physical needs. We support evangelism projects because we believe that when a person puts his complete trust in Jesus Christ, he will be able to live up to his full, God-given potential and, even more importantly, inherit eternal life. We support teaching because we believe that the Bible contains God’s instructions to humanity in order to live victoriously and avoid the problems that many people have simply because they do not know a better way. We support programs that meet physical needs because we believe that all people are created in God’s image and should therefore have access to nutritious food, clean water, clothing and shoes, a safe place to live and a life of dignity free from oppression.

Our History

In 1998, Nicaragua was hit with one of the most devastating hurricanes in history. Hurricane Mitch affected more than two million people in the country. More than 50 inches of rain fell, creating numerous problems such as mudslides and in the worst case, the collapse of a volcano crater which swept thousands of people into the ocean. Around 4000 people died and over a million lost their homes.

It was in that moment that the founders of Psalm 128 Missions, Mark and Pamela Kushigian, found what is now the village of Tololo in 1999. The people were literally living under the trees and many had not eaten for more than four days. The story of a little girl who had been praying for a glass of milk and God’s answer to her plea that day was the inspiration for our breakfast program that we named Oscar Gomez. That was the first step in the development of new programs in Nicaragua.

Since 2011, we are functioning as a publicly-supported US non-profit organization. In 2018 we began our 2waters clean and Living water program which works through different ministries around the world. The breakfast program in Nicaragua now covers more than 80 children in Tololo and La Leona besides blessing their parents. In 2021, our youth discipleship program began in the same two villages, and is helping youth enter adulthood with a full knowledge of how much God loves them.